General election 2017

29 June 2017

About that Election.
When the dust has settled from GE17 and we see how nothing appears to have changed. There's still a Tory government, Labour are still in opposition and the Greens still have just 1 mp. It's easy to fall into despondency.

But of course, Caroline Lucas got 30,139 votes – almost twice as many as second-place Labour and almost doubled her majority from 7,967 to 14,689. 
Her share of the vote increased by 10.4 per cent.
So when we look at the result and see how just 7 weeks ago Theresa May, who was confident of a landslide victory, called a general election because she thought she could bury Corbyn, march on to a ruinous Brexit and destroy what remained of the social safety net that, in so doing, would turn the UK back to the 30s.
Her real victory, sadly shared by much of the PLP, would have been the destruction of a radical idea, a vision to create a more equal society, a more caring and inclusive Britain. 
Corbyn was meant to be finally crushed and his pesky followers swept under the carpet.
But that didn’t happen.
Instead we have the encouragement of seeing the great bulk of young people, the brightest and the best of our great country, embracing change. 
They want a better, open and more progressive Britain.
Exactly the kind of Britain the Greens want to see.
For tactical reasons we, the Doncaster Greens, didn't stand this time around but, moving forward, we are prepared to fight every inch to ensure Green values are represented in Doncaster – both on the environment and social justice.
We shall be campaigning and working hard to seek local support in future elections where we shall fight for the privilege to serve locally those people who share our values.
If, despite the outrageous smears made against him, Corbyn managed to galvanise such wonderful people to share his vision, it means there are a lot of people out there who share the same values we do.
All it takes is for us to go and meet them.

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