Green Light. News letter for the Sprotbrough Greens

10 July 2017

Doncaster Green Party volunteers, delivering issue No1 of Green Light.

Green activists delivering the news letter

We had the idea of spreading the news across Sprotbrough Parish the part of Doncaster where Doncaster Greens just had the honour of getting another councillor elected to serve on the parish council. 
We were now the second biggest party on the council and it seemed something exciting was happening, the Greening of Doncaster was beginning to take place and we had to spread the word. 
So we hit on the idea of printing our first newsletter: The Green Light.

It took a while to get it started - the look and what articles we wanted to run with had to be Sprotbrough centric as there's a lot going on there and all important and relevant issues for the Green Party to be involved in.
We're doing important work in sampling air quality, there's a strong anti fracking faction within the local party - informed and dedicated, there's the opposition to HS2 and then, just as important the worrying development of a bio-fertilizer Lagoon that has been causing a lot of Frack Free Stall on Doncaster town fields.concern locally mainly regarding pollution, contamination and heavy traffic. But in the end we ran with air quality and anti-fracking because we were further along with developing those issues. HS2 we're absolutely going to address and we're looking into the pros and cons of the bio-fertilizer lagoon. The use of bio degradables to produce energy as opposed to dumping it into land fill is attractive to our green sensibilities but, there's a lot of concern locally about the smell, the traffic and the prospect of water table contamination - but that is for the next issue and will be updated in posts on our facebook page and that of the Sprotbrough Greens - also called "The Green Light." 
So, getting back to the current issue, we also took the opportunity to introduce everyone to the 5 local Green parish councillors while inviting them to take our 60 minute survey on line, or even get involved, come meet us, come to our green drinks events, volunteer and/or support us. 
All printed up - the 9th of July was the date set for beginning the roll out - getting those info-sheets out and doing it fast. We want it more or less finished by the 21st so the clock is ticking.
The top photo shows two supporters out delivering in the fierce heat of a Sunday afternoon - a big delivery completed and then off to cool down to the local pub for a bite and a pint.
It's not all hard work!

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