Rail Fares set to increase

24 December 2017

tickets and money
Hard working UK citizens who travel by rail are set to lose out yet again as fares are set to rise by a record average 3.6% (4.7% in the North) despite already being more expensive than anywhere else in Europe.
Subsidised, privatised rail companies, some foreign owned, are a bad deal for passengers, staff and the taxpayer. Cutbacks on staffing leads to delays on crowded unreliable trains as private profit comes before public comfort and safety.
Last year, fare rises had already undergone a steep rise, driven up by Virgin Trains East Coast which has been bailed out by the government with an early end to their contract in 2020 that is set to cost the taxpayer more than £1bn.
Feeling of Déjà vu as the last private company to run the service, Stagecoach, had to be bailed out by the government back in 2009
While people across the country have had their pay and benefits cut, capped and frozen these fare increases are just another kick in the teeth.
We think it’s about time travellers and commuters alike were given a break so we shall be at Doncaster Railway Station on Wednesday 3rd of January 7:30 till 9am to show our support.
See you there!

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